Examples of work



  • Wrote the script for a review of Old Man's Journey and news segment as part of work experience at ABC Ultimo office
  • Script was highly praised by series producer Eliot Fish, who said I “got the tone just right”
  • Captured personalities of presenters through collaboration 
  • My next TV script will sound more natural and conversational, with more creative and entertaining gags (if appropriate)

88 Heroes: 98 Edition – Review (2017)

  • Game review on my blog combines written and visual elements to tell a story
  • Focussed on overall structure of piece as well finer details like word usage to make the piece flow effortlessly while staying informative and fun
  • Next time I’d like to create a complementary gameplay video, add interactive elements like a poll, and generate further discussion via social media 

ARE Bookstores Bound to Last? (2016)

  • Written for online magazine Urban Walkabout as an intern
  • Conducted my own research and interviews
  • If I were to do a similar piece now, I’d craft it into a documentary-style segment for the screen
  • If I were to cover the same topic now, I wouldn’t try to push an agenda at the end and instead highlight the uncertainty of the future


  • Editor of nationally distributed home design magazines
  • Homeowners enjoy browsing current trends and finding practical ideas for their next project 
  • I strive to improve every issue with insightful interviews, high-quality photo shoots, and engaging stories told through complementary images and text 
  • Audience experience could be enhanced through more online content such as video interviews with interior designers, builders etc. 

‘Love Not Worth The Weight’ Podcast Episode (2015)

  • Created my own podcast episode while studying journalism at UniMelb
  • My next podcast will be more polished and punchy through higher-quality audio, dynamic editing, concise writing, and a broader range of interviews/perspectives